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The Origins of Microneedling

The Origins of Microneedling. OliviereWilson

It seems the oldest beauty rituals have withstood time for very valid reasons. Looking as far back as ancient China there was a form of microneedling. This was done by Emperors as it was believed that by treating areas on the face with needles ultimately healed the body. They also used to insert needles in the skin to cure blemishes. They believed these blemishes were a sign of damage to internal organs, by treating the face the internal organs were restored.

Reducing fine lines was widely practised too by concubines as lines were a sign of ageing.

Micro needles were used on scalps with herbal remedies to cure baldness, which is still practised today.

Skin resurfacing, was practised by the ancient Egyptians. The harsh desert conditions lead to dry rough skin, this was smoothed with a form of sandpaper and minerals. Ultimately they were penetrating the skin to reveal a more youthful layer.

Commercial beginnings:

Microneedling was used commercially as early as the 1900s in Germany to treat acne and skin scars.

In 1905 we have the first known microneedle with an electric motor by dermatologist, Ernst Kromayer. He used this technique to treat birthmarks, hyperpigmentation and scars.

Then we have the first microneedle stamp, which was created by Dr Fernandez in 1995 in Philadelphia to treat wrinkles and scars. This possibly was the first use of using needles to induce collagen production.

Looking at the world of tattoos it was discovered that the body healed itself by producing collagen to heal the scaring.


The origins of Microneedling. OliviereWilson

The origins of this very low tech beauty tool fascinates me. We strive for high tech for advancement, yet it appears all we need to be doing is keeping it simple. Let's work with our bodies.

Helping the face and body restore itself is a more holistic rounded approach. This I practise myself. I know that if you give yourself a few minutes every few days you will experience how your own body triggers itself into restoration and luminosity.



PS. A little tip! Roll your face with a jade roller, if you have one, before microneedling. This will increase the blood circulation and allow you skin to produce higher levels of collagen. Some call it 'Qi', some call it lymphatic drainage. I say it works!




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